My more observant followers are likely asking this very question. Two things currently jump out as odd immediately to anyone who’s even a passing reader of my little corner of the Internet. First, this site is suddenly lacking in virtually all content (in fact, it’s a complete reboot). Second, this post (and in particular the above video) is far from the kind of thing I usually post. Well, there’s a reason for that.

I’ve always struggled to maintain a blog… any blog. As those who read the musings I write can attest, my posts are usually few and far between. When I decided to start posting all development related content to the Section214 website for consistency, this site pretty much got abandoned. Why? Because I suck at expressing my thoughts on pretty much everything but development. Well, maybe not everything but development; there are a few topics on which I’m extremely vocal. But, “vocal” doesn’t always translate to “text” and, in my particular case, it pretty much never does.

So what’s the point of this brief introspection? Recently, a friend of mine did one of the bravest things I can imagine when she publicly came out as transgender. While I can’t begin to imagine how difficult that decision was for her, the way she presented it made me realize something pretty important. Like Amy, I’m not just a developer. There are a billion other tiny facets to my life that most people, even those I count among my closest friends, don’t know about me. That’s sad. No, that’s downright pathetic.

One thing that most do know about me is that I’m a huge Dr. Who fan. As such, I think it’s fitting to take a quote from my favorite show to simplify the purpose of this “reboot.”

As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves.

For all the confused Dr. Who fans out there who don’t remember that quote, that’s because you have to go old school to find it. It was in the original series, season 1, episode 3.

So, if you aren’t going to read about development here, what will you be seeing? Who knows! Did you know that, as a hobby, I’ve been teaching myself to repair and recolor black and white photos? Nope, huh? That’s because I’ve never talked about it. Well, I’ll be talking about it here… and posting my attempts. Did you know that I study philosophy and applied science as a hobby? Well, a few people know that. My friend and co-worker Sean has had several debates with me that tend to result in us being late for the next morning’s sessions at various conferences. That’ll probably end up here as well. So will my travel (when I take some again… it’s been a few months). Stay tuned! Who knows what will end up here!


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