Oryx Pro Review

July 25, 2019

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Pop!_OS. Now I am the proud owner of a brand new Oryx Pro, so it’s high time I finally review some real System76 hardware!

Dango M1 Maverick Wallet Review

July 18, 2019

If you’re anything like me, your everyday carry wallet is probably overly stuffed with things you never use; old rewards cards, business cards, receipts and the like adding unnecessary bulk.

Sips by™ Tea – Month 8 Review

April 18, 2019

Every tea this month was, at the very least, interesting. As usual, there were ups and downs, but this month I think the ups outweighed the downs by far. So, what did this months’ shipment include?

Sips by™ Tea – Month 7 Review

April 14, 2019

Before I get to the actual content, I want to apologize for the delay in posting this review.

Sips by™ Tea – Month 6 Review

February 17, 2019

It finally happened, and I don’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved. Six months in, and Sips by finally made what I would call a mistake.

Vero 4K+ Review

January 30, 2019

I’ve been running it on a Raspberry Pi 3 for ages, but I wanted a bit more power out of my media center, so I arranged to get myself a Vero for Christmas. If you aren’t already familiar with Vero, it’s a custom HTPC solution from the makers of OSMC.

Sips by™ Tea – Month 5 Review

January 7, 2019

It’s a new year, and Sips by is still going strong! I just received my monthly shipment, and I have to say it feels a little like a belated Christmas present. I look forward to my shipment every month, but for some reason, this month just felt special.

Merry Christmas To All…

December 25, 2018

The following poem was originally penned by Marine Corporal James M Schmidt while stationed at Marine Barracks, Washington, DC.

DAVIDsTEA Merry & Bright Review

December 24, 2018

After my recent excellent experience with DAVIDsTEA, I decided to expand my horizons in terms of their tea selection. Given that Christmas was rapidly approaching, I decided to pick up one of their holiday samplers.

Sips by™ Tea – Month 4 Review

December 24, 2018

After four months using Sips by, I finally ran into something that I almost called a screw up on their part.

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