Just What Are We Celebrating, Anyway?

July 3, 2016

Believe it or not, this is a question that more and more Americans have difficulty answering. The sad truth is that with each passing generation our history is being forgotten, and fewer people even know what it means to be an American.

That Really Grinds My Gears

October 28, 2014

During this years’ State of the Word address, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg discussed a challenge he had given himself: write a blog post a day for 30 days. While some bloggers, such as the ever-popular Chris Lema can write a post a day with relative ease, I’ve always found it much more difficult to come up with quality content.

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

August 22, 2014

Sooner or later, ever designer or developer runs into a problem that plagues pretty much every aspect of humanity: the free lunch. It may start in a seemingly small or even insignificant way. Maybe a long-time client needs a tiny tweak to a project. It’s just one line of CSS, so why not? Two minutes isn’t worth much anyway, right? Wrong.

Bad Code Happens

October 24, 2013

Every developer knows that sometimes bad code finds its way into even the best products. It doesn’t matter how or why; sometimes it just happens. Lack of sleep, lack of knowledge or plain old laziness are often contributing factors (mostly lack of sleep in my case); but every once in a while I stumble across a block of code that goes above and beyond the occasional poorly coded function.

How (Not) To Support Your Users

March 1, 2013

Recently Pippin (pippinsplugins.com) posted on How to leave a good bad review. For those who haven’t read it, I highly recommend you take a few moments and do so. Unfortunately, the problems present in supporting software are not always the fault of a grouchy end user. In some circumstances, such as the one which inspired this post, the fault lies in the support staff themselves.