Ev·er·ti·ro (ĕv′ər′tī′rō)

n. One who is always learning; a compound derived from ever and tiro

Admittedly, the above word is not in any actual dictionary. In fact, to my knowledge, I am the first person ever to combine those two words. At the very least, an Internet search revealed no other known uses of the combination. But the idea is paramount to a significant change in my life that began in early 2017.

If the image to the left isn’t a clear enough indication, I’m planning on converting a bus to an RV. Truthfully there’s a significant learning curve to converting a bus, but that’s the whole idea behind Evertiro. I came up with the word Evertiro while researching bus conversions after realizing that I had a lot to learn. Fortunately, I have no shortage of friends who have the necessary skills and have volunteered to help!

But who am I?

Hi, I'm Dan, and I'm a developer.

Long story short, I had a long talk with someone whom I consider a close friend and mentor and came to several realizations. The actual topic of discussion is something that I choose not to detail, but needless to say, the friend in question knows who he is and (I hope) how much of an impact he has had.

So who am I? I live in Colorado. I’m an amateur artist and author (I’m particularly fond of doing photo restoration and colorization). I’m a former Marine, and darned proud of it. I’m obsessed with knowledge… in general. I’m a professional Linux administrator and web developer. And I believe that for every person, no matter what their current place in life, there are infinite possibilities for the future. This is my path, and my future begins today.