In my recent review of my first month experience with Sips by, I made my feelings about the variety of tea available at your average grocer very clear. In short, the usual selection is paltry and lacking. However, in my efforts to find decent tea, I did pick up a box of something from my local grocer that sounded promising; Sweet & Spicy by Good Earth Tea Co.

The packaging asks buyers “is there anything better than when opposites attract?” Well, the answer is a resounding “sometimes.” There are most certainly some combinations out there that one should leave to the odd cravings so commonly associated with pregnancy, but in this case, they were right. Fresh out of the box, Sweet & Spicy lives up to its name; it greets you with a spicy cinnamon aroma with hints of citrus. Did you ever make orange pomander balls in school? The scent of this tea steeping instantly brought me back to elementary school holiday projects.

But How Does It Taste?

Well, it tastes pretty much exactly how it smells! The first flavor that hits you is the spicy kick of cinnamon. Orange, ginger and peppermint overtones blend beautifully with the spice to give it a sweet, smooth aftertaste. Good Earth states that their teas can be enjoyed hot or cold, and I’d tend to agree, though I do prefer this one hot. Unfortunately, this was the only variety from Good Earth available from my local grocer, but if their other varieties are anything like Sweet & Spicy, they’re well worthwhile.

The Break Down

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