Hibiscus Elixir by Firepot Nomatic Teas
“Perla Negra” Cascara by Kasira
Viking Moxie by MoxTea
DAWN by Turmeric Teas
The Break Down

I should note that I’ve adjusted my reviews a tiny bit; the Sips by™ site asks you to review each tea you try but restricts reviews to whole-star increments. I’ve decided that I’m going to rate each tea the same on my site that I do on theirs, even though this means slight adjustments may sometimes be necessary. For instance, the DAWN tea is a solid 4.5-star tea in my opinion, but this isn’t an option on the Sips by™ site. Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to give it the full five stars, so that relegates it to being a four-star tea. Oh well, what can you do?

All told, I’m happy with my subscription and am eagerly awaiting the October shipment. While I didn’t expect to get a five-star box, let alone for my first month, I was pleasantly surprised that three out of four options ranked well on my “I’d drink that” scale.


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