My second colorization attempt! Previously, I told you about the incredibly inefficient process I used in my first colorization, but I didn’t learn anything from it. Well, maybe I learned a little, but I used the same process to color this image of a 1954 Cutlass concept car. I’m not 100% sure where I found this image, but I liked the car, so I thought I’d give it a shot!

Amid the numerous issues with this colorization, there are a few things that I managed to pull off well. The copper and chrome pieces of the car itself turned out well. This colorization was my first attempt at a metallic surface, and I wasn’t sure how well it would work. However, in the end, I learned that metallic surfaces are almost stupidly simple. The color of the car is also color matched to the actual color of the original concept car. It might not be exact, but it’s darn close! The color and texture of the water aren’t too bad either, though it’s not perfect. I’m also pleased with how the fine lines of the car and the woman’s dress turned out. Unlike the Minnie Mouse colorization, there’s no real blurring visible.

And, on to the things that could use improvement. For starters, the skin tone of the woman is horrible. Since I was doing literal painting at the time, and adjusting the layers with nothing but the available layer filters, making a realistic skin tone was virtually impossible. Take a look at any color photo of a person. For that matter, take a look at your skin. It isn’t just a color, it’s a mixture of colors, shadows, and shades. For a Caucasian, skin is generally a blend of reds, yellows, and even blues. As a result, I ended up with skin that looked like it belonged on a storefront mannequin. Lesson learned.

Similarly, grass isn’t just green. Unless your yard is astroturf, you’re going to see multiple shades of green, black and brown in it. By painting all of the grass with one shade of green, it ends up looking like the grass on a model train track!

Regardless of the issues, this colorization is a significant step forward in comparison with Minnie Mouse. After the headaches presented by this image, I finally thought it was time to do some studying. Next up, a slight change in technique!


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